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A unique art installation where ancient knowledge and handcraft
meets modern technology to create a new and unique way to experience sound.

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After more than two years of passionate crafting and experimentation, the Grotta Sonora team, in collaboration with Simon Morris, combine the resonant sound of ancient gongs with modern technology to create a self-playing sound installation:


Starting from an Etruscan cave in Italy,  Gongmatic is ready to be unveiled and shared with the world, pushing the boundaries of sound art.

It sends a powerful message that art, beauty and technology can coexist through the timeless sound of gongs.



Gongmatic is an artistic installation that represents the surprising union between the ancient and the modern, the primordial and the futuristic. Challenging the conventional boundaries of music and art, exploring the potential of gongs, ancient instruments, through the technological innovation of our time.

This art installation is the result of an exploratory journey that merges the primordiality and the sound depth of gongs with modern and futuristic technology. Through an interdisciplinary approach that embraces music, visual art, and technology, we have created a multisensory experience that engages the hearing, sight, and the soul of the viewer.

 Using advanced sound processing techniques and technological devices, we have transformed the sound of gongs into something completely new and surprising.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 alle 13.12.52.png
Screenshot 2024-05-09 alle 12.24_edited.jpg

Through the synergy between gongs and technology,
we have created an immersive artistic installation
that transports the audience on a unique sensory journey.

Through Gongmatic, the viewer is able to remotely play the instruments with gestures and movements in space. The installation makes it possible for anyone, musicians and non-musicians alike, to play an orchestra of gongs, pushing the boundaries of artistic and sonic performances.


The era of Gongmatic has just begun, placing us in front of endless possibilities.

The installation is controllable in various ways, not only through motion sensors but also through programming, music recording, and live performances
where the gongs are brought into resonance with other instruments.

There are no limits to the vision of Gongmatic.

The Etruscan cave where Gongmatic was born
is just the starting point.

Our goal is to take it around the galleries of the world, allowing as many people as possible to connect, interact, and experience Gongmatic, and for artists and musicians to contribute with their personal interpretation of this artwork.

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Grotta Sonora is an artisanal project about design and creation of experimental musical instruments and sound sculptures.
Madhava Carrara and Margherita Cioffi, artisans and musicians, started this project as a personal experimentation with sound, playing with different metal alloys and sound’s shapes.
Today they are professional gong and experimental musical instruments makers and sound healing musicians.



Simon Morris, based in New York, is a sound designer and inventor with expertise in music and sound healing. His work merges sound with science to enhance human well-being. Morris has showcased his talents globally and continues to innovate in the field, blending art with technology.



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